SMARTER Together: The RT’s Intervention Toolkit (virtual conference)


Saturday – March 23rd, 2024

9am -5pm CST

Content Hours:

6 clock hours (NCTRC Pre-Approved)

Description of Event

Join us for an engaging and informative virtual conference dedicated to unlocking the potential of Recreational Therapy interventions across diverse populations. This event is designed for professionals and educators eager to explore innovative approaches that enhance well-being, foster meaningful connections, and improve the quality of life for individuals facing various challenges. There will be a heavy focus on interventions you can add to your arsenal of RT interventions along with PDFs of how each intervention is performed.

Goals for the Event

  1. Learn the “how to” behind performing various goal driven interventions.
  2. Learn how to adapt the interventions to various populations that you work with.
  3. Learn the evidence backing why you would perform a specific intervention to achieve a desired outcome.
  4. Create a library of evidence based interventions/how to use them in your practice.

How Will I Log In?

After registering you will be sent instructions on how to access the event along with a copy of the event’s agenda.

SMARTER Together Virtual Conference Brochure