About Us


Our Mission:

"To provide quality, affordable, and relevant continuing education courses that will equip Recreational Therapists in the workplace."

Our Vision:

"To provide a venue for Recreational Therapists to teach other Recreational Therapists while earning extra cash on the side. This is done through our 'SMART Instructor' program."


Have a topic that you think other Recreational Therapists need to learn about and want to earn some extra cash? Get paid residually for creating online courses! Each course can be created once and sold unlimited times.

Click here to learn more about becoming an instructor: Become A SMART Instructor


Our Courses Are NCTRC Pre-Approved For CEUs:

Each course on our website has gone through the NCTRC CE Pre-Approval process and will count for your CTRS re-certification or your money back. 

Follow this link to learn more about what qualifies as a Continuing Education Unit: NCTRC FAQs