It’s That Time Of Year Again!

Here at SMART CEUs Hub, we believe Recreational Therapists should be recognized for their hard work in the field.

We know there are tons of great things happening each and every day to help grow our field that should be celebrated and brought to light. That’s why we decided to start awarding those in the field who have made this difference for all of us. Please nominate who you feel should deserve this award for what they did in 2023! 

Below is the list of annual awards that we offer:

SMART Therapist of the Year

The ‘SMART Therapist of the Year’ award goes to a recreational therapist who has made a significant contribution to their workplace/clients during 2023.

SMART Educator of the Year

The ‘SMART Educator of the Year’ award goes to a recreational therapy educator who has been a leader in expanding the field of Therapeutic Recreation through collaboration, education, and/or research.

SMART Entrepreneur of the Year

The ‘SMART Entrepreneur of the Year’ award goes to a recreational therapy business owner who has greatly impacted our industry through creating jobs, bringing awareness to the field of therapeutic recreation, and/or creating innovative solutions to aid in the growth of the field.

The awards committee will determine the winners based on your nominations.

Awards will be announced via the SMART Newsletter, our social media outlets, and on the website on February 1st of each year to celebrate TR Month and SMART CEUs Hub’s birthday.

*Winners will receive a custom SMART Awards plaque to hang on their wall, their picture with why they were selected on the SMART Awards webpage, and a free 1-year membership to SMART CEUs Hub.

SMART Awards Nomination