Become a SMART Partner

Overview of the SMART Partnership Program

The SMART Partnership program was created to help strengthen/promote organizations who either employ or serve a large number of Recreational Therapists in the industry. As a SMART Partner you can leverage our services as a customer/member incentive for your organization and ours which creates what we believe is a win-win scenario.

Win/Win Scenario

Benefits To Partnering Organizations

Benefits To SMART CEUs Hub

+ Your members/employees will receive an exclusive 20% off promo code on our Unlimited CEUs Memberships. This can be advertised to your members/employees as a member/employee benefit for joining you.

+ You receive cross promotional opportunities via our SMART Newsletter and social media outlets

+ You receive a backlink/blurb about your organization added to our SMART Partnerships page and the rotating banner on our homepage.

+ You advertise our Unlimited CEUs Membership to your membership/employee base

+ We receive cross promotional opportunities via your email and social media outlets

+ We receive a backlink/blurb about SMART CEUs Hub on your website

Interested In This Deal For Your Organization?

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