Rec Therapy Business Masterclass-

Sales Training Improv Course

By popular demand Adam Cornelius and SMART CEUs Hub founder Nathan Lamaster are offering a special 2-Day sales training improv course on Thursday April 8th and April 15th at 7:00 p.m. Central Time

The cost for the 2-day event is just $80.00. If you want additional cold-call sales scripts that will help you increase your ‘yes’ rate, these are available for just $40 more in the deluxe package.

Sales scripts can be used for:

– Contacting and converting healthcare agencies into clients

– Contacting and converting potential 1:1 clients

– Contacting and converting potential corporate organizations to provide them team-building activities

Class will be held virtually via zoom and we will send the link that you will use once registration closes on April 5th. During the class, we will cover the basics of cold-calling while engaging in role playing (improv) for selling your services to someone.  Learn how to get the prospect to identify their pain points, how to present that your service will take away their pain, and the mastery of overcoming stalls and objections to seal the deal! Looking forward to to connecting!

2 Day Schedule

Day 1:

Getting the Deal- Learn all about cold calling, finding leads, and setting appointments

Day 2:

Closing the Deal- Learn selling psychology, how to find your customer’s pain points, and tailor solutions given your services

Spots are limited to the first 10 people who sign up! Register now below to reserve your spot!

Standard Deal

Business Growth
  • + Registration for the 2 day Rec Therapy Business Masterclass- Sales Training Improv Class
  • Exclusive: Sales scripts that can be used for increasing your ‘yes’ rate with selling