Understanding The Autism Spectrum (Parts 1-5)



This session content is CE Pre-Approved by NCTRC” 5 Clock Hours (.5 CEUs)
Course Description:

Learn to better understand the Autism Spectrum disorders and what the current treatment methodologies that are used today. Learn about the different types of Autism Spectrum Disorders, the signs and symptoms of various Autism Spectrum Disorders, the possible causes of Autism Spectrum Disorders, and treatment ideas for specific skill deficits with someone who has an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Course Objective:

Student will demonstrate adequate insight of various types of Autism Spectrum Disorders and how we ,as Recreational Therapists ,can treat the skill deficits as evidenced by completing the “Understanding The Autism Spectrum Disorders And Current Treatment Methodologies” coursework online and passing an online exam based on the course with a score of at least 70% within 365 days of starting the course.


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