Understanding Bipolar Disorder (Part 1)



Course Description:

Learn to better understand and treat Bipolar Disorder. Learn how it is diagnosed and what symptoms they face, learn who is involved in the treatment team for treating this mental illness, learn helpful coping skills you can teach someone who has this disorder, and learn about effective Recreational Therapy treatment interventions/groups that you can use to help someone with this illness.

Course Objective:

Student will demonstrate adequate insight of Bipolar Disorder and how we as Recreational Therapists can treat it as evidenced by completing the “Understanding Bipolar Disorder” coursework online, reading the book “Why Am I Up? Why Am I Down?: Understanding And Treating Bipolar Disorder” by Roger Granet, and passing an online exam based on the course and the book with a score of at least 70% within 365 days of starting the course.


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