Frequently Asked Questions


 What is a CEU? How many CEUs do I need to recertify as a CTRS?

A CEU is a "Continuing Education Unit". It is used to measure the amount of continuing education related to your certification/license you have received since you have graduated. A CTRS must have 5 CEUs (50 clock hours) of continuing education every 5 years to maintain their certification.

Will the CEUs I get from SMART CEUs Hub count toward NCTRC re-certification?

All of SMART CEUs Hub's courses must pass the NCTRC pre-approval process before they are posted on the site so you can rest assured that they will count toward your CTRS recertification 🙂 

How are SMART CEUs Hub courses structured?

The format of the instruction comes in "units" (AKA parts of sections). The courses are delivered online via presentations and there is a quiz to evaluate competence of the material. 

How many CEUs will NCTRC accept from and online source?

As of 2018 there is no limit to the amount of CEUs that can be taken and submitted to NCTRC for the CTRS certification

How do I become a SMART Instructor for SMART CEUs Hub? How will I get paid?

If you are interested in becoming a SMART instructor you must first go to our "Become A SMART Instructor" page and fill out the "Instructor Application". We will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible to set up a phone interview and discuss payment options.

Follow this link to be taken to the "Become A SMART Instructor" page: Become A SMART Instructor

 How do I pay for courses on your site?

SMART CEUs Hub uses the STRIPE (debit, credit) checkout process. This ensures that your payment information is safe. Once payment is received then you will have access to the course(s) you purchased.

Can you tell me about your Unlimited NCTRC Pre-Approved CEUs Membership?

The Unlimited NCTRC Pre-Approved CEUs Membership grants you access to the ENTIRE course library for only $99 a year. This is the most popular option to take CE on the site.